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Steamed Asparagus with Roasted Peppers in an Egg Vinegarette

Steamed Asparagus with Roasted Peppers in an Egg Vinegarette

Summary: This is a favorite spring time dish when asparagus is in its full season. Crisp thick meaty asparagus against sweet roasted peppers with a dryness and smoothness of hard boiled eggs a touch of vinegar and olive oil whisked to marry it all. Top off the dish with some fresh mint. Great appetizer for vegetarians!


  • Asparagus about 4-5 pieces of asparagus per person
  • Roasted peppers. About 4 large roasted peppers, or canned works. I’m not thrilled with it but it works.
  • 2 eggs hard boiled. About 8 -10 minuets
  • Olive oil ¼ cup
  • Apple cider vinegar, 2 table spoons.
  • Fresh whole mint off the stem.


  1. Cut stems of asparagus, and use a peeler and give a quick peel to get rid of the fibrous outside. Peel towards the stem.
  2. Put in boiling salted water for 4-9 minutes depends on thickness of asparagus. until fork tender.
  3. Take out and let cool down. Place in refrigerator for now.
  4. Cut up roasted peppers into med to small bites.
  5. Rough cut your hard boiled egg.
  6. In a medium size bowl add olive oil, vinegar and a touch of salt.
  7. Add peppers to that bowl and mix.
  8. Take asparagus out of refrigerator and plate. Pour roasted pepper vinaigrette over chilled asparagus and top with chopped egg and tear some mint over the plate. This is such an easy quick and healthy dish I hope you enjoy it!

Cooking Times/Difficulty Levels

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Prep time: 10 minutes

Difficulty level: Easy